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7 Majestic Bathroom Remodel Ideas for You Who Just Need a Better Bathroom

7 Majestic Bathroom Remodel Ideas for You Who Just Need a Better Bathroom

There are many things you can try to turn your bathroom into a better-looking one so that everyone using it just feels like they are in heaven. Here are a number of ideas I have profoundly thought about that you can try if you want to beautify your bathroom.

1. Change the Tiles and Add Decorations to the Wall


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Do you feel that your bathroom look dirty or less beautiful than you want it to be? Why don’t you try changing the tiles? Changing the tiles can give a big impact on how your bathroom looks.

Here’s some of the things that you can do if you want to simply make your bathroom look more gorgeous.

First, you can change the floor tiles. Change the tiles with ones in color that will never look dirty especially if you have tiles in colors that tend to look dirty like light brown, for example. Some of the best choices to choose are tiles with surfaces that combine grey and white for a more elegant and cleaner look.

Next, you can do the same to the shower wall if the wall. Change the tiles of the wall especially if they are ones that have tendencies to look, well, a bit unclean.

However, don’t use tiles similar with the ones you use on the floor because such tiles don’t suit walls very much. Instead, use purely white tiles for a bright and clean look. Doing this will give your shower room an atmosphere that makes it feel incredibly comfortable for you to spend time having a shower there.

Then, for the finishing, you can add some paintings to a wall in your bathroom to give the room some kind of a beautiful makeup.

However, avoid using paintings that are too complicated or even profoundly dark in nature. Use simple paintings that have lovely colors that will help you relax whenever you look at them in your bathroom. Because, you see, a bathroom is a place where you’re supposed to relax so don’t turn it into a room where you need to think to hard and deep about the more complicated things in life. It’s not a place for that! If you want to contemplate, do it in other rooms! You just need to relax and rejuvenate your body in this room.

2. Make It Brighter and Add More Elements of the Nature


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If you want to give your bathroom a more elegant look and homey atmosphere, you can try to make it brighter and add more elements of the nature to the room.

For example, you can replace all of the walls’ tiles with small white tiles to add a simple but clean and elegant look to the wall. This will also in turn give the room a homey atmosphere as something simple but clean and elegant is just what you need if you want to feel at home whenever you’re in your bathroom.

Once you’re done with the wall tiles, try taking a look at the ones on the floor. If they’re in colors that make your bathroom look dark or even unclean, you can also replace them with ones in brighter colors, possibly ones with simple patterns instead of plain ones this time.

This will easily enable you to feel more comfortable walking around in your bathroom as all you see now is a clean-looking floor that helps make your bathroom feel bright, turning it into a place that offers lots of comfort.

If you happen to have a sloped ceiling in your bathroom, you know your bathroom has lots of potentials to look wonderful.

One of the best things you can do to a bathrooom with a sloped ceiling is covering the surface with wood. It will not only bring an element of the nature into your bathroom but help give it a homey atmosphere as well.

Don’t forget to add wood to other parts of your bathroom whenever possible because it’s never a bad thing to use wood in any kinds of bathroom. Now start remodeling your bathroom and, good luck!

3. Don’t Let Your Bathroom Look Boring


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If you love your bathroom, don’t let it look boring!

Replace the plain-looking wall tiles with running bond tiles to give the walls a more modern and elegant look. Then, if you have wooden or bamboo curtains covering your window, you better get rid of them to give the room a brighter look. Then, if you have a simple shower in the shower area, make sure you replace it with a fancy looking wall-mounted shower for a more sophisticated look.

Make sure you also modify your bathtub to give your bathroom a better look it deserves. Don’t think too much since adding some running bond tiles to the sides of your bathtub to prevent it from looking too plain will effectively do the trick. Then, as a finishing touch, you can install medium-sized dark grey tiles on the floor to give the white wall tiles something to collaborate with as they make the room look beautiful. The two colors match each other well and it’s a wise move to combine them to make a bathroom look coolly elegant.

4. You Don’t Need to Do Much to Make Your Bathroom Look Better


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Actually, you don’t need to do a lot of of remodeling to make your bathroom look more beautiful than before. After all, simply changing the color of the wall can effectively do the job.

One of the best colors to replace your old wall color with is white. White a simple color that can make a bathroom look bright and turn it into a place where it’s easy to relax.

Then, if you have a simple wooden cupboard in the room, you might want to replace it with another, better-looking, cupboard or simply modify it.

If you simply want to modify it so that it doesn’t look like a plain wooden cupboard, you can try painting the furniture piece in gray. The color will make the room look more modern, or in short, better. If you have a storage sink near the cupboard, make sure you paint the sink’s drawers and cabinets in the same color the cupboard is in. It will look awesome!

5. Even a Plain and Dirty-looking Bathroom Can Look Cool in the Right Hands


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In the right hands, even a plain and dirty-looking bathroom can be turned into a very cool-looking one. The first thing you can do to make your bathroom look less plain and dirty is replacing the tiles on the wall with bright white ones. This will effectively make the walls look bright and coolly clean, improving the room’s looks to some degree.

Then, you can paint the ceiling in black to give the white walls something that really matches them and work together with them in making the room look colly modern.

The next thing to do is painting the window frames in bright white so that and giving the area on the window’s glass a dark look to make the window fit in the room as it now has a combination that matches that of the walls and ceiling’s.

Don’t forget to make sure that you refinish your bathtub so that it looks coolly bright and clean, too, because it will only make the room look better, never worse.

6. Make the Room Less Crowded



Sometimes less is more and this is often true when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. One of the tricks you can try if you want to remodel your bathroom is making it less crowded.

For example, if you have some images on your bathroom walls, you might want to remove them to make the room look fresher without things that can make you feel dizzy when you look at the walls. Then, you might want to use a smaller mirror so that there will be more clear space on the wall.

If there’s a wall cabinet on one of the walls, you can take it down and replace it with a painting that depicts the nature to give the room another fresh look.

Do you have decorative plants in the room? If yes, then take them out. They’re probably some of the main reasons why your bathroom feels crowded.

Decorations are supposed to help make a room a more enjoyable to be in and when the purpose is lost, it might be a wise move to eliminate them from a room they’re in. Then, if you have a bathtub and you don’t think that it’s a shame to remove it from your bathroom, kindly do so! Replace the bathtub with a shower, something that saves more space and definitely help you make your bathroom less crowded. If you want more space in your bathroom, those are the things you can try to realize it.

7. Simple is Better


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Bathroom isn’t a warehouse so it’s not supposed to be a place where you place so many things in. When it comes to remodeling bathrooms, it’s wise to just let the rooms be simple.

After all, a bathroom is a place where you spend time just to clean yourself so you might not spend too much time there. Also, the fact that it’s a place where you clean yourself means that you can’t let the room have the image of a room that likes clutter. So, in this case, simple is better.

If you decide on remodeling your bathroom to make it simpler, the first thing you can do is probably removing any storage units that are too big to be in a bathroom. First, those kinds of storage units aren’t the best ones for a bathroom, a place you’re just going to come by whenever you need to take a bath or simply wash your hand, face or something else.

If you’re going to store many things, store them in other rooms where you can easily get access to without having to step on your bathroom floor, which probably isn’t the cleanest floor at your house.

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If you have a big cabinet that becomes one with your sink, for example, you can replace the sink with one that doesn’t come with a cabinet. That way, you can have more open space on your bathroom and it will not feel suffocating the next time you spend time in the room.

If you’re going to use a storage unit in the room, use a glass-surface wall cabinet. It’s a kind of cabinet that can do camouflage. It will not prevent you from fullfiling your goal of making your bathroom simple. After all, the cabinet still lets your bathroom look simple as it sits there on the wall pretending that it isn’t there.

Next, you can change the floor tile with one that doesn’t look like it has too many lines that can make people dizzy when looking too much at them.

Change the floor tiles with one that can create an illusion of your floor only having a single big tile, thus, eliminating the risk of making those who look at them feel dizzy.

If you haven’t got a wall towel rack, you might want to consider installing one, too, because the item can make your bathroom look simpler and plus, it saves space. Those are the tricks you can try if you want to turn your bathroom into a simple-looking one.

I know that there are so many tricks that you can use to turn your bathroom into a better looking one and here, you get some of the best to apply to your own bathroom. These tricks aren’t hard to apply and they’re guaranteed to make your bathroom look way better. Don’t wait! Try them now and, Happy Remodeling!

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